The Grange is the perfect place to base yourself whilst you explore the major MTB trails in South Wales.

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We’re 10 mins from the world-class Downhill trails at BikePark Wales and you can even ride there in 20 mins down the Taff Trail.

Slightly further afield – but still within 45 min drive you’ll find Afan Valley, Cwmcarn and Black Mountain Cycle Centre. If you add in the great network of off-road trails near the house, you could stay with us for a week and ride somewhere different every day

Map Hint: Click the List Icon icon to show the full list & click a pin for more info on the trail centre

Group bookings for BikePark Wales?
We know how hard it is organising a group trip (believe us, we’ve done it plenty of times ourselves…). With BikePark there’s the added complication of Uplift passes that only go on sale 3 months in advance.

We want to give you some peace of mind:

  • Book in at The Grange well in advance – making sure to mention that it’s for BikePark. Accommodation sorted.
  • Make a date in your diary for 3 months beforehand and book your Uplift Passes (Top Tip: Book the uplift for your group in one block – don’t let people book them individually, it’ll never happen unless they’re super organised, and let’s face it you’re organising all this because they’re not!)
  • Get the dates you wanted? All sorted.
  • Couldn’t get uplift passes? We’ll credit your deposit against a booking on a different date. All we ask is that you give us plenty of notice (i.e. more than 2 months) so that we can put the rooms from your original date back on sale and we’ll work with you to find a date that you can get uplifts and we have availability.
  • Relax safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the best cycling accommodation in the area sorted for your group.