Breakfast is served in the dining room between 7.30am and 9.30am, with a maximum of 6 guests being served at any one time. Please bear in mind that check out time is 10am if it’s your final day with us.

So that we can serve everyone safely we’re asking guests to pre-order breakfasts at the moment. To order, please come and see us at reception or send us an SMS/WhatsApp message to 07380 273987‬ before 9pm. If you text us, please remember to include your room name and what time you’d like to eat.




Crunchy Nut Cornflakes


Lighter breakfasts

Toast with jam (strawberry, raspberry), marmalade or honey Ⓥ🅥🅖

Porridge 🅖🅓 served with your choice of jam, honey or fresh fruit 🅥 ( if made with water or soy milk)

Muesli 🅝🅖 yogurt or milk & fresh fruit 🅥🅓 ( if made with soy milk)

Breakfast sandwich

Your choice of Bacon, Sausage 🅖🅢 , Mushroom & Fried Egg & served on white or brown, plain or toasted

Cooked breakfast

Little breakfast Two eggs with your choice of mushrooms Ⓥ🅥 bacon & sausage 🅖🅢

Veggie Breakfast Eggs, Beans, Mushrooms & Fried Tomato 🅥🅓

Vegan Breakfast Avocado, Beans, Mushrooms & Fried Tomato

Proper Tidy Breakfast Bacon, Sausage 🅖🅢, Egg, Beans, Mushrooms & Fried Tomato 🅓

Eggs can be served fried, scrambled, poached or as an omelette


Regular teas Welsh Breakfast (Glengettie), Green Tea, Earl Grey, Decaffeinated or Red Bush

Fruit teas Red Berries Infusion, Camomile, Camomile & Honey, Lemongrass & Ginger, Strawberry & Raspberry or Peppermint

Coffee Americano, Latte, Espresso, Double Espresso, all available in Decaf versions too

Juice Apple or Orange

Nutritional and allergy information

Please let us know if you have any allergies or food intolerances when ordering.

Dish contains 🅓airy, 🅖luten, 🅝uts, 🅢ulphites. Dish is 🅥egetarian, egan.

We cook with butter unless you ask for a egan option. Please ask if you would prefer olive oil.

Porridge is usually made with milk but we can make it with soy milk or water on request.

About our food

The sausages & bacon are custom made by The Gourmet Butcher of Llantrisant

The eggs are free range.

The Beanz are Heinz.

The ketchups, brown sauce & various other excellent chilli sauces are made by Chilli of the Valley. If you like them as much as we do, we have bottles to sell at £3.50 for a 225ml bottle.

The coffee is from Coaltown Coffee Roasters in Ammanford