For bookings in 2020 please also read the Post Coronavirus lockdown opening FAQ as information on this page also forms part of our terms and conditions

When you book, we request your credit card details as security to confirm your reservation.  For the majority of bookings we don’t take any money until you check out, the exceptions to this are for high-value bookings and group bookings. Please see below for further details

Pricing & Minimum stay policy


We set our prices at the start of every year & each room is the same price every night. We don’t increase our prices during peak periods or when large events are on, but we we also never discount rooms.

Minimum Stay

Most of the time we’re happy to offer one-night stays, however 2 night minimum-stays apply at the following times:

Any booking that includes the Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Easter weekend

Any booking that includes the Friday or Saturday of any other Bank Holiday weekend

Group bookings of 4 or more rooms that include a Saturday. (Only applies to check-ins between 1 February & 31 October inclusive)

Single occupancy

Single occupancy rates are available in 4 of our 5 rooms at a £20 per night discount on the standard two-person room price.

How to Pay

Validating & pre-authorising your payment card

Every booking at The Grange requires that you supply a valid payment card with sufficient funds available to pay for your booking. Our booking system will always validate the debit or credit card details you supply to check this.

Additionally, nearer to your check-in date, we may pre-authorise some or all of the value of your booking. When we do a Pre-authorisation, this doesn’t take money from your card but reserves funds to make sure they are available to pay for the rooms you have booked and in case you do not show up. This means you will be unable to spend that amount on other purchases whilst the pre-authorisation is in place. If this is causing you issues, please contact us so that we can discuss the problem.

If our booking system marks your card as invalid or we have been unable to pre-authorise your card, we may contact you to request that you provide updated card details to secure the booking. If you do not do this within 24 hours of us contacting you, we may cancel your booking and offer the rooms that you have booked for re-sale.

Paying a Deposit

If we need you to pay a deposit (see below) we’ll contact you. You can use all major credit cards to do this, or you can use PayPal or a Bank Transfer (details available on request) as long as we also have a valid credit card supplied with the booking.

Paying for someone else’s stay

If you’re booking on behalf of someone else and wish to pay for their room, please call us before they check in to arrange payment. We can accept cards over the phone or bank transfers, as long as the funds have cleared in our account before the guest arrives. 

Paying your final bill in person at check out

When you check out, we accept cash and all major credit cards.  We do not accept cheques. If you’re part of a group, we’re happy to split the bill between you and take multiple payments.



Bookings for 1 to 3 rooms

We may take a 25% deposit from your card if the cost of your reservation is for £250 or more.  We will do this (using the card details supplied on the booking) within 72 hours of receiving the reservation.

If you cancel your booking:

More than 28 days before check in

There is no charge

3 to 28 days before check in

We will charge you 25% of the cost of your booking, or not refund your deposit if you have already paid one 

2 days or less before check in, or do not show up on check-in day

We will charge you the full cost of your booking, less any deposit already paid 


Group bookings (4 or more rooms) 

When you make a group booking with The Grange, we will take a 25% non-refundable deposit. We will do this (using the card details supplied on the booking) within 72 hours of receiving the reservation.

We will contact you around 28 days before you check in to confirm your final numbers and take a final, non refundable payment for the balance of the reservation.  


Cancellations in exceptional circumstances

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please read our Post Coronavirus FAQ page for our policy relating to Coronavirus related cancellations 

What if The Grange is inaccessible?

If we have to close The Grange due to weather making local roads dangerous or inaccessible, we will give you as much notice as possible and we will not charge you for your booking. If you’ve paid a deposit, we will refund this.

What if I’m unable to travel?

If The Grange is open, but you are not able to travel due to bad weather conditions where you are, then you will still be liable to pay the full cost of your booking. We will normally waive this charge if we are able to resell some or all of your booking

What if Bike Park Wales issues Red or Amber warnings?

If you’re planning to ride at BPW they may decide to close some or all of the park in extreme weather – See BPW’s FAQ for more info

If they issue a Red (full park closure) & Amber (partial park closure) warning you will be able to cancel or move your BPW booking. If this happens & you decide not to travel, please make sure that you:

1) Email us with proof of your cancellation or date move from BPW

2) Inform us as soon as you decide not to travel.

If you move your BPW booking to a different date, we will do our best to move your booking at The Grange to the same date. If we can move your booking then any deposit already paid will be applied to the new booking. If we can’t move your booking then we will issue you a credit note for the deposit amount against a future stay.

NB: If BPW has not issued amber or red warnings for the date of your stay then our standard cancellation policy applies.

Extreme weather cancellations for other organised events

If you are travelling to the area for any other event that is cancelled at short notice due to extreme weather, we will apply a similar policy as for Bike Park Wales above. Please let us know as soon as possible and Email us with proof of the event’s cancellation.



If we have charged you a cancellation fee but you intend to rebook in the future, please contact us. We may, at our discretion, be able to issue a full or partial credit note against future stays at The Grange.

For the purposes of defining time periods mentioned above, we regard midnight on the day of check-in as the cut-off time. For example if you have a reservation checking in on a Friday, the latest you can cancel without being charged the full amount is 23:59 on the Tuesday night. 


Policy Updates:

  • 16 August 2020: Added the “Validating & pre-authorising your payment card” section
  • 10 August 2020: Changed the wording in the Coronavirus (COVID 19) policy to refer to the Coronavirus FAQ page
  • 4 March 2020: Added the Coronavirus (COVID 19) policy to the “Cancellation in exceptional circumstances” section
  • 20 Feb 2020: Clarified the “Cancellations due to bad weather” section and re-named is to “Cancellations in exceptional circumstances”. The policies did not change. Added “Extreme weather cancellations for other organised events” section. 
  • 1 February 2019: Added the “Cancellations due to bad weather” section, updated the cancellation terms for group bookings of 4 or more rooms, minor wording & formatting changes were made for clarity
  • 10 April 2018. Moved to a separate page on the website 
  • 22 November 2016: Policy updated
  • May 2016: Originally published at part of the FAQ page