Whether you’re a Mountain Biker or Road Cyclist it’s worth considering taking out cycling specific insurance to ensure that you and your bikes are covered when you’re cycling with us. We recommend Yellow Jersey cycling insurance as it’s created by cyclists for cyclists – and we think it’s the best cover that we’ve managed to find.

They offer two products which are both available in single trip policies of 5, 10, 17 or 31 days – or an annual multi-trip version.

Travel Insurance

This product is designed for people travelling with bikes they care about. The policy provides for the things that a regular Travel Insurance product would provide (such as medical expenses, trip cancellation & delayed baggage) and supplements this with cover for your bikes including giving you the ability to claim back the costs of hiring another bike should yours become unrideable.

Please note that there is an exclusion for anyone taking part in Downhill MTB racing. We’ve confirmed with Yellow Jersey that this exclusion only applies to organised competition downhill MTB racing. Normal downhill MTB riding (i.e. a regular day at Bike Park Wales) is definitely covered.

Bicycle insurance

A more general policy that covers you bike against theft (even from within vehicles), crash damage, pothole damage & gives you the piece of mind of roadside recovery should you have an in-ride accident.

You can get a quote by clicking below. We’re also able to offer our customers a 5% discount off Yellow Jersey’s normal prices. Please email and we’ll send you the discount code.



1) We provide secure bike storage for all of our guests, but please note that guest’s bikes are NOT covered by our insurance policies. All bikes left in the store are done so at your own risk and The Grange will not be held liable for any loss or damage to bikes that are left in the store.

2) In the interests of full disclosure, we act as Agents for Yellow Jersey and receive commission on any purchases that you make with our discount code. We wouldn’t recommend anything we didn’t use ourselves – as well as being agents we’re also customers and have bought YJ’s Annual Bicycle Insurance for ourselves.